Ha Ha Tonka Live Performance NPR’s Mountain Stage

We will be performing on October 9 at the Temleton-Blackburn Auditorium in Athens, OH for a live taping of NPR’s Mountain Stage. We will be joining several other really amazing bands including The Jayhawks, Hot Tuna, Karan Casey & John Doyle, Southeast Engine and Todd Burge. Click the link below for tickets. NPR air date to be announced. Stay tuned!

October 9 – Mountain Stage Radio Taping @ Templeton-Blackburn Auditorium in Athens, OH


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One response to “Ha Ha Tonka Live Performance NPR’s Mountain Stage

  1. Caught the Athens show Sunday. I am so jazzed to find a new band that means something serious: energy, sound, intelligence, fun. You boys are the package…full disclosure, I am a 51 year old white girl, been to a lot of punk shows back in the day and came to see the Jayhawks, (and Jorma out of respect ) but you blew them away…really, what was I doing there with all those gray heads? Who am I and what does time mean? Hearing you guys made me feel exactly like I did hanging around with a Stroh’s (Detroit) in 1980? watching The Clash at a roller rink or driving across Michigan to see the DK’s in Chicago in the back of a truck…happy! From your online presence it looks like you Ozark boys are having a good year and the time of your life! Thanks for showing up in Ohio, it’s almost as straight a place as Missouri so we’ll be needing you to come back soon. Columbus is actually a pretty cool town…

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