“Made Example of” Music Video Submissions

If you could change anything… anything at all about yourself, your life, the world as a whole… WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?

This is what Ha Ha Tonka wants to know for their next music video. HHT are asking their fans to submit video footage, which illustrates what they would like to change about yourself or the world. The band will then take the footage submitted and use it to create a music video for their new single “Made Example of” off of their record Death of a Decade.

Want to quite smoking? Want to show your significant other that you love him/her more often? Want to end world hunger? Want a new job? WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?

Once you decide what you would like to change then write it down in 5 words or less on a piece of paper, on your arm, make a banner, have a plane spell it out with sky writing… it is up to you. Be creative! Not only would we like for you to write it down but we also want to see what steps you are taking to make this change a reality.

So grab your video camera, webcam, cell phone, flip cam, etc and start shooting. Once you have your video (try to keep it around 15 seconds or under) use http://ge.tt to upload your video content and then email the link to the file to frank.hill@fhmgmt.com with CHANGE SUBMISSION in the subject of your email. Submission deadline is October 16th.

You can submit more than one video but we will pick our favorite to use. Please send the highest quality footage you can. Remember… this is for the band’s new music video. Please refrain from speaking to the camera as well since the audio will be stripped and footage synced to the band’s new single.

Note: By submitting footage you are allowing Ha Ha Tonka and representatives to use your video footage, as a whole or part, and your likeness in their new music video and marketing campaign. Ha Ha Tonka and representatives are not obligated to use footage submitted.


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