“Usual Suspects” on Grooveshark SXSW Session

This year at SXSW we had the pleasure of hanging with the Grooveshark crew on their pimped out tour bus. We chatted and played some tunes.

Ha Ha Tonka Performing “Usual Suspects”: Grooveshark Sessions @SXSW ’11

Find more of Ha Ha Tonka at Grooveshark.



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3 responses to ““Usual Suspects” on Grooveshark SXSW Session

  1. Gary Erikson

    You guys have made an incredible album. Heard you live on KEXP when I was driving around Seattle, waited for the release and bought it. I’ve listened to it nearly everyday since, been playing it for everybody, and they all agree, great album. Can’t wait to see you play someday, I’ll keep watching your dates, I’m on the road and hoping to be in the same place, same time. Again, Thanks!


    Third gear!! That was a 5 star groove that brings you right in the middle of it all.

  3. keep up what you are doing – will try to see you when you are in san diego and los angeles and, last but not least, the mandolin player XOXOXxo

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